Crypto exchange Timebit – Nowadays cryptocurrencies (also known as virtual currencies, digital currencies etc.) are growing strongly, with more than 3000 currencies and over 250 million USD of total market capitalization by the time of writing (according to the data of Coinmarketcap). Thanks to high safety and security, fast transfer and receipt speed, low remittance costs, immutability and transparency, now cryptocurrencies is not only an effective investment channel but is gradually becoming a brand new, modern, fast and secure payment method. It can be said that blockchain technology with its typical application cryptocurrencies has the potential to completely change the way of payment and transaction in the world today.

Capturing this trend, in September and October, cryptocurrencies trading platform Timebit signed a memorandum of cooperation with Autoplanner Co., Ltd. – car distribution company and Uri real estate limited company – Crypto exchange Timebit is a reputable Korean company in the field of real estate.

Accordingly, customers who are members of Timebitex will enjoy attractive incentives when buying or renting car at Autoplanner, as well as when investing in real estate through Uri Real Estate Co., Ltd. Specifically, members of Timebitex will receive a discount of up to 10% or more depending on promotion of car manufacturers when buying or renting all models made in Korea or cars imported from other countries of Autoplanner, and enjoy 5% discount when investing real estate in Hanoi, Vietnam. Customers will make payments in Kairos – the token of Timebit exchange. Timebitex will immediately make customer’s payment into cash to pay with partnering company. Thereby, customers will become wise consumers when fully exempted from foreign exchange and exchange costs when paying in Kairos.

It is also known that in Korea, Crypto exchange Timebit has been signing similar cooperation agreements with shopping mall, hotels, resorts, travel companies … in order to bring attractive promotion programs and also look forward to leading the trend of new, fast and absolutely safe payment method.

In addition, when coming to Timebitex, members will also enjoy a large range of attractive bonus, such as referral commissions, binary commissions, matching commissions, rank awards, etc Timebitex is the first unique model in the world, where users will actually become the owners of exchange, with 70% of the profits being shared back to users.

What are you waiting for, learn and join us now to become smart investor, smart consumer. Time is Bitcoin, join Timebit today!