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TimeBit is a blockchain SaaS company dedicated to cryptocurrency that allows small and medium size enterprises to build, host and operate their crypto business, while TimeBit cloud-based service keeps the infrastructure agile and operational.
From cryptocurrency exchange platform, crypto wallet, to auto cryptocurrency trading system and payment gateway, which all are integrated with the most advanced Technologies of Cloud, AI, Big Data,… we are on our way to build an ecosystem of finance. Logistic, Supply Chain, and Origin Tracing and Authenticity System are also our interests to do research to bring Blockchain in.

Core values

Transparency makes integrity. We value our reputation than anything. Be honest with ourselves, with our employee and our customers is the best way to protect it. We believe in the power of transparency and integrity. You can believe in us.


Become the most complete Blockchain-based financial ecosystem, to meet all possible demands of and create new values for customers in finance


Gradually change consumers’ payment behavior, from cash to online payment, from bank card to cryptocurrencies. Gradually replace the roles of bank in daily life, what people can do with bank, they can do with blockchain

Why Us?
  •  Providing a holistic and complete solution through consultancy
  •  Reducing the cost
  •  Streamlining business processes
  •  Committing to security and privacy
  •  Focusing on quality delivery
  •  Offering transparent access to our technical expertise

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