Timebit distribution model

The Personal Business

Our goal is to find TimeBit marketers who are keen to help us raise awareness of the TimeBit brand and refer the program to their networks of crypto speculators, then now receive up to 70% of the profits generated from their referrals. These marketers are effectively a bridge between the project and the TimeBit community.

TimeBit is looking for cryptocurrency passionners who advocate free markets and anti-monopolies and are willing to help with real-world adoption of crypto. The TimeBit Marketer program is an exciting initiative that aims to spread awareness of all TimeBit’s products and services as well as our community ethos of “Build tomorrow – Together” to all corners of the globe.

A high-touch person-to-person process where you get real help from real people. A low-cost marketing solution with high effectiveness in teaching and spreading the business brand.

who can join in

The TimeBit marketer program is opened to participants globally.

why TimeBit uses referral business model

A new mode in branding TimeBit by using personal relationships. Marketing budget will be spent for the marketers who have contributed to TimeBit broadening.

what are the perks?

80% from Marketing budget is divided to Marketers.

How to Apply


Register a new account in timebitvip.com


Activate your TimeBit certification of Marketer


Use the activated personal referral code to invite your friends

What is different between

TimeBit Ambassador and TimeBit Marketer

TimeBit Global Ambassador TimeBit Marketer
Target Customer
B2B who would like to use products, services of TimeBit SaaS company, to run their crypto business
Spread TimeBit brand to crypto speculators
At least 10% of any successful contract between TimeBit and referred company
80% from marketing budget for personal networking
Apply condition
Freelancer Sales, No cash/token holding requirement
Need to activate the Marketer Certification

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