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Timebit VIP Eco is a special offer from Timebit for passionate marketers who contribute to the balance and stability of the Timebit ecosystem. Freezing the Timebit token KRS in the VIP account will definitely allow VIP members to enjoy the benefits of Timebit.

 VIP Member This month Last month Total VIP
3 18 5,825

KRS Token - Token for Timebit ecosystem

Name: Kairos Token
Symbol: KRS
Type: ERC-20
Total Issue: 10 Bil KRS

Token Distribution

Retailing: 30%
Marketing: 15%
Team & Advisor: 10%
Business Development: 10%
Platform Reserve: 35%

Fund Management plan

Marketing: 20%
IEO: 10%
Revenue sharing: 70%

How to become vip member


Register account in timebitvip.com


Acquire to become TimeBit Marketer first


Activate VIP offer

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