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The cryptocurrency market is a newly formed market but has a very fast growth rate. Capitalization in May 2017 reached 800 billion dollars. is expected in 2021 after bitcoin having capitalized the cryptocurrency market will increase to $ 4,000 billion. In the next 10 years, the cryptocurrency market could rival the stock market of $ 66.8 trillion. Behind the success of the cryptocurrency market is blockchain technology. With the remarkable improvement of blockchain in recent years. has helped this industry grow at a faster pace. Crypto liquidity exchanges are also formed more and more. Currently on coin marketcap there are 296 exchanges. but the trading volume mainly focused on large exchanges such as houbi, binance, okex, coinbase, digifinex, ... but there are many exchanges that do not have the liquidity to close.


The advance of TimeBit Cloud will solve this problem

Timebitcloud is a platform for sharing transactions between exchanges. developed by TimeBit. The TimeBit Cloud will receive 20% of the transaction fee of connected satellite platforms.
Investors in TimeBit will receive 70% of this profit


Invest with TimeBit to receive 70% of the profits that the all the project in TimeBit Cloud earns

A public cloud exchange will connect all users among the network, share the trading database, match TimeBit’s orders to ensure sufficient liquidity, attractive pricing.

Low Cost

Low Cost

The ready-made modules of our crypto exchange software eliminate the need to rebuild the wheel and reduce the development cost.

Minimum Operation Cost

Minimum Operation Cost

Fully support from TimeBit’s experts and blockchain team in the operation process of the exchange platform. By a wide, self-connected cloud exchange system, together we dismiss

Fake Volume Mainpulate Price

Fake Volume Mainpulate Price

Toward a fair and transparent crypto exchange markets.


Profit-taking problem for timebit investors with timebitcloud platform


Suppose that each exchange generates $ 200,000 in profit per day and has 50 exchanges

Number of exchanges Profit earned per day 200,000 *number of exchanges* 20% Profit of VIP members
50 2000000 10000 30000 50000
160 53 32

Invest now with the timebit platform to share 70% of the timebit profits


Our Latest News

Techfest Vietnam 2019 – A National Innovation Day

Techfest Vietnam 2019 officially takes place from the evening of December 4th and ends on December 6th in Ha Long City, Quang Ninh, with the mission of connecting the components of the startup ecosystem.

338/5000After 4 years of organization, Techfest Vietnam has become the largest annual event for the startup community in Vietnam. This event is within the framework of the project “Supporting national innovation start-up ecosystem to 2025” approved by the Prime Minister in Decision No.


Timebit International Partner Conference 2019 – Network Marketing

On December 10th, 2019, the Timebit International Partner Conference 2019 took place at Crowne Plaza Hanoi, bringing together a large number of potential investors from many countries around the world, promising the success of individuals and collectives in the cryptocurrency market in the near future.

1. The Timebit International Partner conference attracted nearly 300 guests from all around the world

With the goal of cooperation and sustainable development on the platform of the cryptocurrency market,


Korean partner delegation visited TimeBit representative office in Hanoi

On the afternoon of December 11th, 2019, representatives of Korean partners had a short visit and working with the staff and leadership representatives of TimeBit Company in Hanoi.

On the common ground of the cryptocurrency market and especially the TimeBit exchange, Korea is an important partner, with quite a large influence. The Korean market is where investors place a lot of faith in, as more than 40% of our customer market share is Korean.